Weddings are a mainstay in Irish society and culture. Weddings in Ireland are often quite traditional in nature; with a church wedding and then onto a hotel usually close by. However, trends have changed dramatically in the last 5 to 10 years with a lot of changes being seen in couple’s choices of venues, dress, jewellery, wedding rings etc.

A wedding day is a huge day in every couple’s lives. It is the day when their family, friends and loved ones come together to celebrate their joining as a lifelong couple. It is a momentous and emotional occasion.

There is often a lot of costs involved in hosting a wedding day in Ireland with the largest cost often being the price of the venue. This cost includes feeding your guests which can rack up your bill. Traditionally Irish weddings are a large affair and sometimes people feel the need to invite all their neighbours and extended family. This needs to be avoided if budget is an issue. Sometimes a smaller wedding can end up being a more entertaining and imaginative affair.

Wedding jewellery has changed a lot also however some couple do still like to stay with the traditional and have beautiful wedding day jewellery such as Claddagh rings. These are a fantastic symbol of love and Irish culture and will remain timeless.

Europe continues to be the destination of choice when it comes to honeymoons. It is accessible easily for Irish couples and can often be very affordable.

Hope you enjoy our infographic on all things weddings!

All about weddings in Ireland. Facts and figures of Irish weddings.
Irish weddings – facts and figures