How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

Halo Engagement Ring

Getting Engaged The day a couple get engaged is of course a huge occasion. It is something that will live long in the memories of one’s mind and the engagement ring is a significant part of the experience. Sometimes one partner surprises the other, even choosing the ring themselves. Others choose to select a ring […]

Mixing metals – the hottest wedding ring trend of 2014

Celebrity Wedding Ring Trends

The number one rule when choosing your wedding ring is simple – there are no rules. When picking out a wedding ring brides traditionally sought a band that would ‘match’ the accompanying engagement ring, these days however the mixed metal look is the hottest trend. Pairing a white gold or platinum engagement ring with a […]

Checklist When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Rock your wedding day at the right venue

Excitement abounds when an engagement is announced. It is traditional reaction to what is widely seen as good news. Family and friends share in the joy that occurs when two people decide to formalise their relationship. As the dust settles on the engagement celebrations, it becomes apparent to the couple that they may have a […]

How Do I Choose a Wedding Ring to Suit my Finger?

It is a huge and memorable occasion when you get engaged or married. People will always want to mark it with something beautiful which will highlight its significance. Jewellery is traditionally that outlet and so when people make that purchase, they should aim to make it one which suits their hand and as a result […]

Traditions Associated With Irish and British Weddings

In years gone by, traditional brides in Ireland used to wear a blue wedding dress. Blue was considered pure. It wasn’t until 1499 that white wedding dresses started being worn by Irish brides because then white symbolized virginity and purity. Another unusual tradition that Irish weddings generally followed years gone by was in the locking […]

Wearing Wedding Rings

Bride and Groom Holding Hands

Jewellery has a history going back millennia. Ever since humanity learned to work metal jewellery has been an intrinsic part of our fashion sense, our pride and our boastfulness. Some of the only remaining artefacts from ancient civilisations are the buildings, their weapons, their pottery, their bones and their jewellery. Across civilisations ranging from the […]