Traditional Irish Celtic Wedding Rings at The Wedding Band Shop

For those who wish to display our proud heritage, Irish Celtic Wedding bands and engagement rings provide an elegant and striking alternative to the more conventional wedding ring style. Each stunning piece in our romantic selection has been skillfully handcrafted in Ireland and has been hallmarked at the Irish Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

Celebrate your marriage with a wedding ring that has been lovingly handmade in Ireland. If you wish, you can make an appointment to view any of our Celtic wedding bands at our shop in The Powerscourt Townhouse Centre.

A Superb Choice of Celtic Wedding Bands made in Ireland

All of our wedding bands and engagement rings are made in Ireland. When you choose to wear one of our rings, you are also supporting the Irish craft sector. We offer free delivery throughout Ireland. We also provide an engraving service if you want to add an engraved message on the inside of your ring.

Choose from a wide range of categories including; Claddagh Wedding Rings, Celtic Knot Wedding Rings, Trinity Knot Wedding Rings, Gaelic Script Wedding Rings, and Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings. The rings are available in both 14k and 10k gold with some rings also available in rose gold or sterling silver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional Irish Celtic wedding bands are renowned for their intricate knotwork and symbols that date back centuries, embodying Irish history, culture, and the artistry of ancient Celtic craftsmen.

Yes, these Celtic wedding rings can be customized with specific Celtic symbols, metal choices, and engravings, allowing couples to infuse personal significance into their bands.

Symbols such as the Claddagh, trinity knot, and spiral are prevalent, each Celtic Irish wedding ring representing different facets of love, faith, and commitment in Celtic tradition.

To maintain the beauty of your Celtic Irish wedding rings, clean it regularly with mild soapy water, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals, and have it checked periodically by a professional for wear and tear.

Yes, Celtic knotwork is symbolic, with no beginning and no end, representing eternity, eternal love, and the interconnectedness of life and nature of our Celtic wedding band.

Gold (yellow, white, or rose), silver, and platinum are traditional choices, each offering durability and a distinct backdrop for Celtic wedding bands design.

Absolutely, diamonds or other precious stones can be set into these Celtic wedding rings to highlight the intricate designs or to add a modern twist to a traditional symbol.

The Claddagh design, featuring two hands holding a heart topped with a crown, is a powerful symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship, making the Irish Celtic wedding bands a popular choice for couples.

Definitely, wearing a traditional Celtic wedding rings is a profound way to honor and connect with Irish ancestry, celebrating one's heritage through a piece of meaningful jewelry.

Reflect on the symbolism that resonates with your relationship, the type of metal that suits your lifestyle, and any custom details that will make the Celtic wedding ring uniquely yours.