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Claddagh Wedding Rings

For over 400 years, the Claddagh wedding band has been worn as the traditional Irish wedding ring in the West of Ireland. In this time, the Claddagh has become known far and wide as the Irish symbol for ‘love, friendship and loyalty.’

History of the Irish Wedding Ring

Claddagh is a small fishing village near Galway in the West of Ireland. The story of this Irish wedding ring is as fascinating as the symbols on the ring. The original Claddagh ring was the center of a great love story. The legend is that Richard Joyce, who hailed from Galway, was to be married the week that his ship was captured by pirates. While in captivity, it is said that he handcrafted a ring for his betrothed. In 1689, he was finally released. He then returned to the town of Claddagh and gifted her with the wedding ring he had crafted. She, too, had longed for him, and they were soon married – complete with Claddagh rings as part of their simple ceremony. This story shows the power of enduring love, friendship, and loyalty in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The Claddagh Wedding Band Design:

The Irish Claddagh wedding ring is distinct and elegant in appearance. The ring may be traditional or modern but always includes a heart held by hands with a crown shining above the heart. Each of these elements represents a virtue; the hands signify friendship, the crown highlights loyalty, and the heart is a beautiful symbol of enduring love. We offer many different styles of traditional and modern Irish Claddagh wedding rings to inspire your own celebration and love.
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Claddagh Wedding Rings

14k Gold Claddagh Wedding Band


Claddagh Wedding Rings

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Claddagh Wedding Rings

Gold Claddagh Court Wedding Ring


Frequently Asked Questions

The Claddagh band ring represents love (heart), loyalty (crown), and friendship (hands), making it a deeply meaningful choice for couples looking to embody these values in their union.

Yes, Claddagh ring wedding can be personalized with different metals, gemstones, and engravings to capture the unique bond between each couple while maintaining the traditional design.

Originating from the Irish fishing village of Claddagh in the 17th century, these rings have been used to signify various forms of relationships, including friendship, engagement, and marriage represented in this Claddagh ring with Celtic knot band.

Traditionally, wearing the Claddagh wedding band on the left hand with the point of the heart facing inward towards the body indicates that the wearer is married.

Absolutely, Claddagh wedding bands are designed to be unisex, with a variety of styles available that cater to both masculine and feminine aesthetics.

Claddagh wedding ring is crafted in a range of metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, allowing couples to choose based on preference and budget.

Yes, diamonds or other precious stones can be set into the heart of a Claddagh wedding rings or around the band to add a personal touch and extra sparkle.

Modern Claddagh wedding rings may incorporate contemporary design elements, such as additional diamond settings, mixed metals, or unique textures, while still honoring the original symbolism.

Claddagh rings can beautifully complement other wedding ring styles, especially when chosen as a meaningful symbol to be worn alongside an engagement or anniversary ring.