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Gaelic Wedding Rings

Language is the power of expression, none more so than the ancient Irish Gaelic language. The language did not evolve with a written tradition, so the Irish language is rich in its ability to convey complex narratives and emotions. Phrases like, ‘Gra Go Deo’, ‘Gra Gael Mo Chroi, ‘Mo Anam Cara’, and ‘Gra Dilseact Cairdeas’ capture the emotions of a relationship in a more succinct way than the English language ever could.

We also incorporate into some of our designs, the ancient Irish alphabet called Ogham. This early written word is presented in a series of notches and incisions onto standing stones which are found throughout the island of Ireland.

All our Gaelic lettering wedding rings and Ogham wedding rings, featuring both traditional castings and contemporary designs, are handmade in Dublin and hallmarked at the Irish Assay Office. The metal castings available include white and yellow gold in 10k or 14k, sterling silver, platinum, and palladium.


Gaelic Script Wedding Rings

‘Gra Go Deo’ Gold Celtic Wedding Ring


Frequently Asked Questions

Gaelic script wedding rings are adorned with ancient Gaelic phrases or words, providing a deep cultural connection and significance, often expressing love, loyalty, or devotion in the Irish language.

Yes, most jewelers offer the option to customize your ring with a Gaelic phrase of your choice, allowing you to personalize the message or choose traditional blessings for your marriage.

Common Gaelic inscriptions include "Mo Anam Cara" (My Soul Mate), "Grá Go Deo" (Love Forever), and "Grá, Dilseacht, Cairdeas" (Love, Loyalty, Friendship), each carrying a beautiful and meaningful sentiment.

Maintain the legibility of the Gaelic script by regularly cleaning the ring with a soft brush and soapy water, avoiding harsh chemicals, and having the ring professionally checked and cleaned annually.

Yes, Gaelic script can be engraved in various styles, from traditional to more contemporary fonts, depending on the jeweler's offerings and the personal preference of the couple.

Gaelic script can be engraved on wedding rings made from all types of metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, allowing you to choose the metal that best suits your style and budget.

Absolutely, many couples choose to combine Gaelic script with other Celtic symbols like knots or Claddagh designs to add further meaning and decoration to their wedding bands.

Gaelic script wedding rings offer a unique way to celebrate Irish heritage and personalize a wedding band with words that have a special resonance, making the rings as meaningful as they are beautiful.

Jewelers use precise engraving tools and techniques to ensure that the Gaelic script is clearly and beautifully rendered on the metal, making each ring a work of art.

Consider the clarity of the script style, the type of metal that complements the engraving, and the specific Gaelic phrase that holds personal or cultural significance for you and your partner.