Half Eternity Diamond Wedding Rings

Half Eternity Diamond wedding rings are just the thing if you want to add a bit of sparkle and enhance the appearance of your diamond engagement ring.

What is a half eternity wedding ring?

A full eternity ring has a row of identically-cut precious gemstones set around the outside of the band. Also commonly known as an infinity ring, it continuous setting represents never-ending love and is traditionally presented at the occasion of a significant event like a wedding anniversary or birth of a child as a token of love between husband and wife.

Because the diamonds go all the way around the band of the ring, an eternity ring is an occasional dress ring to be worn on special occasions. It is really not designed for everyday use. Because there is no top or bottom to the ring, the settings of the gemstones are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, increasing the possibility of a stone falling out at some stage. So a full eternity is not suitable for everyday wear. A half-eternity setting overcomes this problem. By having the diamond setting on top, the settings are away from the underside of the ring which receives most punishment ensuring the ring is suitable to be worn every day, as a wedding ring should be.

Does the half eternity ring need to be set with diamonds?

The most common gemstone found in a half eternity wedding ring is a row of identical round brilliant diamonds. Usually the diamonds share the same clarity, colour and size presenting a uniform effect. Mixing diamonds with coloured gemstones is a great way to colour and interest to a setting. Diamonds look great with the deep blue of sapphires, red hues of rubies or the decadence of pink diamonds. Even emeralds and diamonds make a lovely match.