Winter Weddings in Ireland

In Ireland, winter months haven’t traditionally been the most popular time of year to tie the knot. However, a winter wedding can be a romantic and magical affair if done right. Our checklist will walk you through everything you need to know about how to plan a winter wedding in Ireland, so you can get hitched without a hitch!

How to Plan A Winter Wedding: Our Top Tips

Ensure your special day captures the full magic and romance of the snowy season with our wedding planning tips!

Choosing A Date for Your Winter Wedding

One of the great things about getting hitched in the wintertime is that because it is considered “off-peak” season, you are far more likely to secure a weekend date. However, you will have to be conscious of the fact that winter can traditionally be a busy time for many people. If setting a date in December or January, be mindful of your guests’ family commitments and travel arrangements and aim to send out your invitations extra early so you can avoid any clashes.

Budgeting Tips for Winter Weddings

An ideal choice for couples on a budget, planning a wedding for the winter can result in big savings. Since the winter isn’t a peak time to get married, you may be able to get discounts on your venue, photographer, videographer, DJ and transportation. You may also be able to snag a nice off-season discount on your honeymoon.

Selecting Your Venue

When planning a winter wedding, there are a few extra considerations you will have to make with regards to your venue. Firstly, don’t be afraid to ask the venue in advance for photos of any Christmas decorations that will be in the space and check if it’s ok to remove these if they are not to your taste. You should also ensure that there will be someone at the reception who can take bulky coats and keep them safe. Don’t forget to discuss heating with the venue and remember to sit older guests away from any drafts. If there will be open fires, make sure to notify any guests who will be bringing young children.

Catering Ideas for Winter Weddings

During those cold winter months, consider welcoming guests with a tasty hot drink on arrival. Consider spicing up your cocktail menu with some seasonal favourites such as hot port, hot toddies and mulled wine. In terms of food, go for a seasonal menu featuring warm, comforting foods that will be sure to banish any winter blues!

Winter Wedding Fashion Tips

For the Ladies…

Most wedding attire isn’t exactly cosy, so be sure to accessorise for warmth. Pair dresses with stylish cover-ups such as capes or wraps. We also recommend opting for dress styles with capped or long sleeves so you’re not shivering throughout the day. A good tip for high heels is to prepare a back-up shoe or invest in heel protectors for your outdoor pictures.

For the Guys…

Stay cosy and chic with a velvet blazer or with a classic woollen suit. Add a waistcoat to your ensemble for added warmth. You should also spray suede or leather shoes with a waterproofing agent to ensure that they are protected against staining from wet weather.

Winter Wedding Flower Ideas

When it comes to flowers, think strategically. Bear in mind that flowers may be more expensive as there are fewer blooms in season. You can make significant savings by using in-season flowers. Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful flowers which are perfectly suited to winter weddings: o Casablanca Lilies o Forget-me-nots o French Tulips o Holly o Jasmine o Poinsettias You can incorporate these into a stunning winter wedding floral colour scheme. Perhaps the most popular colour scheme is “White Winter Wonderland” which blends together soft ivories, pretty pastels and white accents. If you are planning on a December wedding, you could opt for a more festive scheme comprising jolly reds, plush greens and gold accents. A more modern take would be rich jewel tones such as amethyst, burgundy, cerise, emerald.

Photographing Your Big Day

One major benefit of having your wedding in winter is that your photographer can take advantage of the stunning winter light. Visit your venue during the winter months so you can get an idea of what it will look like on the day. As we all know, winter weather in Ireland can be unpredictable so it’s prudent to prepare a back-up plan in case conditions are poor. Check with your venue for suitable backdrops to provide some shelter for outdoor photos (such as a gazebo or a conservatory). You also need to factor in that it gets dark much earlier so try to adjust your photo schedule for more light. Our final tip – always have nice umbrellas on stand-by!

Transport Considerations

Bad weather usually means bad traffic, so allow extra time for guests to travel. Alternatively, you could hold the ceremony and reception in a single venue to minimise the amount of travelling needed. For more tips on how to plan a winter wedding in Ireland, check out the infographic below.

25 Winter Wedding Tips
Top tips for a winter wedding