Planning to pop the question to your boyfriend or girlfriend? Read our infographic to learn how to propose with our essential do’s and don’ts of marriage proposals. In this article, we break down some of the most popular proposal methods and offer some tips on how to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The Stats on Marriage Proposals

Did you know that the average proposer spends 4.4 months planning their proposal? These days the surprise proposal is a rarity; according to a survey by Zola 94% of couples discuss marriage before getting engaged. However, some still need a gentle nudge towards the conversation with 70% of brides-to-be admitting to dropping hints about getting hitched.


How to Propose – Some General Tips

When you’ve found your soulmate, it’s important to make sure that your proposal is as special as they are. A proposal is a very personal thing, so it is absolutely essential to put some serious thought into creating a truly memorable experience. The devil lies in the details so be sure to tailor every aspect to your beloved’s unique tastes and personality. Some general tips include:

  • Do keep the wording simple. Over half of UK women want their partner to just say “will you marry me?”
  • Do get opinions on the ring from their closest friends to ensure that they will love it!
  • Don’t assume your sweetheart wants you to ask their parents for permission. Find out beforehand whether they see it as a romantic gesture or a sexist one.
  • Don’t hide the ring in your food like they do in the movies. They might choke on it!
  • Don’t completely sneak it up on them. For example, let him or her know if you are going out so that they can dress up.

How to Propose on Holiday

If you are planning to pop the question on a romantic getaway with your sweetheart, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, make thorough preparations and plan a back-up just in case. If you are staying at a hotel, liaise with the concierge beforehand so they can provide on-the-ground assistance. If you are planning a surprise trip, don’t forget to book time off work for your partner. Another good idea for surprise trips is to get help from one of their friends while packing their bag, so you know which outfits to bring. Do hide the engagement ring deep in your luggage so your partner can’t find it. Our final piece of advice is not to put it off – pop the question on day one so you’re not wracked with pre-proposal jitters for the rest of the holiday.

The word 'marry me' written on the sandy beach
The word ‘marry me’ written on the sandy beach

How to Propose in Public

In recent years, our social media feeds have been brimming over with unique public proposals. If you like the sound of a surprise choir or a flash mob, then this approach my be for you. Before choosing to propose in front of a crowd, you need to be absolutely sure (a) that you’ll get a ‘yes’, and (b) that your partner won’t be totally mortified. Just remember to keep the proposal personal, and not to treat it as a performance. Research the venue beforehand and make sure you are aware of anything that may affect your plans.

How to Propose at Christmas

Did you know that Christmas is the most popular day to pop the question? Remember that the Yuletide season is all about family, so be sure to include your loved ones and try to be mindful of family traditions. Don’t share the news on social media until you’ve told your family at the holiday gathering. If you’re planning to propose on Christmas morning, just don’t make the mistake of putting the ring under the tree as the box will be too easy to spot!

How to Include Your Pet In Your Marriage Proposal

45% of millennial pet-owners say that it is more important to them to get their pet’s approval of a new partner than that of their family. It’s not surprising therefore, that so many pet owners want to include their furry friend in this special moment. When planning a pet proposal, you will first need to consider your pet’s personality and capabilities. Plan something simple that your dog or cat should be well able to do. Your location is also important as you don’t want to go somewhere where your pet could get distracted. You may also want to consider using a fake ring so if something does go wrong then at least you have a back-up!Read our infographic below for more tips and tricks on how to plan a proposal that is full of magic and romance!

How to make the perfect marriage proposal
How to make the perfect marriage proposal

Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

When planning your proposal, one of the questions you will need to consider is if you will choose a ring or if you should shop for one together. Picking out the engagement ring yourself can be nerve-wracking (will they like it? Will it fit?), but with the right help it is very do-able. However, these days many couples these days are choosing to shop for the engagement ring together. The quest to find the perfect bit of bling typically lasts about three-and-a-half months and it usually takes about 26 tries to find “the one”.