The days of all men wearing the same yellow gold band as a wedding ring are so 1970’s. Today’s modern trends in men’s wedding rings, allow the groom to really express his unique style in the one piece of jewellery he will wear for the rest of his life. In this article we look at men’s wedding ring styles and choosing a wedding ring that is right for Mr. Right.

Choose a Wedding Ring to Suit Your Lifestyle

The one-size-fits-all wedding band is an out-dated concept. What you do every day, and how you do it, should guide your wedding ring choice. Do you work at a desk or on a building site? Do you pop by the gym on the way home from work or jump out of airplanes at weekends? If you enjoy an active lifestyle, you should choose a wedding ring to suit. Choose a hard-wearing precious metal like platinum or palladium over gold. Avoid elaborate decorated finishes which will scratch easily, and gemstones which can chip or fall out. Ideally, a naturally white, hard-wearing metal like palladium with a polished finish is perfect for the active man. Any scratches or dings can be polished out. Alternatively, less-traditional metals can be considered for the practical-minded man.

Non-Traditional Wedding Ring Metals

The jewellery industry are loath to promote these metals, as they are generally cheaper than traditional precious metals, but that does not mean that they should not be discounted as an option. Titanium is as tough as old boots, and will withstand any amount of punishment. If you wand to wear your wedding ring 24×7 and not have to worry about it, than this low-maintenance metal could the the one for you. Same goes for stainless steel, an unfashionable metal that is being given a makeover with contemporary designs available to suit any taste. Best of all, many of these less-traditional metals come at less-traditional prices.

However, you will not find these less-expensive options in the windows of high street jewellers, so you will have to source these rings online and bear in mind that you need to get your ring size right, as these rings cannot be resized. When you cannot choose your ring size in person, in-store, be prepared to have to swap the ring for a different size, so allow plenty of time before your wedding day. The only other thing to consider when choosing one of these metals for your wedding ring is that that, unlike gold, the metal is not malleable – not a problem until it is a problem! If the ring gets squashed on your finger, you have no choice but to get it cut off – ouch!

Titanium wedding ring is an affordable choice
Titanium wedding ring is an affordable choice

Choosing The Right Colour for Your Wedding Ring

A man’s wedding ring is traditionally a yellow gold band in either 9k or 18k. For about the past twenty years yellow has largely been replaced by white metal. First by platinum and as platinum became too expensive, by palladium. The recent steep increase in the price of palladium has seen a resurgence in the popularity of 9k white gold as the metal of choice for men’s wedding rings. However, we have noticed over the past two or three years a huge return to yellow gold. And why not? There is nothing classier than a traditional yellow gold wedding ring for a man.

Of course, if you want to be a bit adventurous, and put some personality into your wedding ring, there is a huge range of two-tone wedding rings available. Rose gold and palladium is a relatively new metal combination that is popular with our fashion-conscious customer.

What About The Wedding Ring Profile

Back in the old days, all wedding rings came in a D-shape profile. The D-shape is as described, with a flat surface on the inside of the band resting against the skin. Nowadays, most wedding ring interiors are curved, not flat, giving a more comfort-fit, hence the description ‘comfort-fit’ ring or ‘court shape’. Most modern wedding ring designs are comfort-fit by default, so if you want a traditional wedding ring like you Dad wears, then you will have to specifically request a d-shape profile for your ring.

On the top side of the ring, comfort for the wearer is further enhanced with tapered edges which gives the ring a couple of advantages. The taper makes the ring more comfortable to wear in terms of the sensation of touch against the adjoining fingers. Also, the gentle curve takes away hard edges, which easily pick up scratched and dents.

Celtic Wedding Rings

A great wedding ring option, standing in plain sight is too often dismissed out-of-hand as too twee or old fashioned. At The Wedding Band Shop, we love to present Celtic wedding rings as an option and hold a great selection in our showroom. Handmade in Ireland, in a range of different metals, there is a ring for everyone. For guys, who do not need to match an engagement ring, they are an increasingly popular choice.

Celtic wedding rings are made in Ireland
Celtic wedding rings are made in Ireland

Back to Tradition

What worked well in the past is often the best. Most importantly, Irish men do not have a tradition of wearing jewellery. So, wearing this one piece of jewelry can become a really big deal. Remember, it does not need to be a fashion statement and certainly does not need to be a conversation piece. Sometimes, the only statement you need to make is, ‘I am a happily married man to the woman of my dreams’. Also, when making your selection, bear in mind that you will get older and fashions change. That 7mm wide two-tone band with a diamond setting might look great now on your 30-year-old finger, but may not age as well as you. Often you need a good reason to move away from a 5mm men’s gold classic court band.

Stainless Steel Wedding Rings are very trendy
Stainless Steel Wedding Rings are very trendy

At The Wedding Band Shop, we have been selling wedding rings for over twenty years, so our advice it so to forget about trends and what anyone else would like you to wear or thinks they know what you should wear. Choose the ring that is right for you. Make sure it is comfortable and that you like wearing it.