Jewellery is a strange business. Go into a computer shop, or electrical shop and the customer service will be asking you if you want a pricey third party three year warranty. TVs and an engagement ring can be had for about the same price, but the experience in buying them is completely different.

Lover letters straight to your heart

The tradition was that the man would spend however many weeks’ wages on an engagement ring and surprise his wife-to-be with gold and a huge stone. For some people that’s still the case, but for others buying engagement rings in Ireland, things have changed. It’s quite common for a simple ring to be picked out for the down-on-one-knee moment, and then the newly engaged couple shop at their leisure for the “real” ring. This is from recognition that there can be just as much meaning and sentimentality to sharing the experience as there is with being surprised by the perfect ring. Both ways work, every couple will have a preference.

And that’s why jewellery is a strange business. For many people the ring isn’t about a diamond and gold, or platinum and an emerald. Instead the ring is about the significance of the event and the memories and future it represents. No jeweller will want you to get the “three year warranty” with your ring. A good jeweller will want your happiness to be ensured throughout the process, by helping you have fond memories of the occasion.

This happiness can take many forms, some jewellers will sit down with you and go through all the options relentlessly. Others will provide high quality catalogues and websites with detailed, professional product shots so you can browse through the images while cuddled up on the couch. Some jewellers will design a special ring for you, and others will even help you design your own ring. The important point is that for every couple getting engaged, there’s a jeweller who will suit you.

Take your time when getting your engagement ring and wedding rings. Relax and enjoy the process. When you find the ring you want, you will know. So spend as many weeks or even months browsing and looking from site to site and shop to shop. You’ll never have an experience like this again. Unlike so many other parts of engagements and weddings it doesn’t involve anyone else. It’s you and your partner without concern for pleasing distant cousins or nosey neighbours. And if you can relax during the process you’re sure to enjoy it and remember it for decades to come.