Eloping In The Age of The Coronavirus

A traditional wedding is called The Big Day for a reason. For brides planning to celebrate a wedding in 2020, the Coronavirus has turned the dreams for the wedding day into a nightmare. Certainly any plans for a big wedding this summer are off.

Although some couples have just gone ahead with a zoom wedding in lockdown, for others it has turned into a waiting game with a lot of uncertainty to look forward to. Even if the venue is open there may be restrictions on crowd sizes. Even if you get the go-ahead, is it prudent to invite elderly relatives in these uncertain times. Maybe when the time is right, an old-fashioned elopement is a romantic option worth considering in the age of Coronavirus.

Small, intimate and romantic – elopements offer a welcome alternative to the pomp and ceremony of big weddings.

For many, the word eloping conjures up images of starry-eyed lovers spontaneously running away from disapproving parents. However, in modern times eloping presents couples with a small-scale alternative to the grandeur (and expense) of a large, traditional wedding. Eloping no longer necessarily means excluding family, as some couples may choose to invite only their very nearest and dearest to the ceremony.

Should You Elope?

When it comes to eloping, there is no right and wrong. Each and every couple has their own unique definitions of what it means to elope, the most important thing is that the couple is true to their own desires and follows whatever path makes them happy.

When deciding whether or not you should elope, you must take the time to reflect on your motivations – do you really want to elope or are you simply running away from the responsibilities and pressures of wedding planning. Following this, be sure to weigh up the various pros and cons with your partner.

Planning Your Elopement

No matter how small and spontaneous your elopement, planning your elopement still deserves a little thought. Just because you’re forgoing the big wedding, doesn’t mean that your day doesn’t have to be any less special.

If you’re thinking of planning a wedding for two, why not check out our handy infographic guide on how to elope. Not only does it take you through the process of deciding to elope, but it also features some the must-dos, and the most definitely don’ts to get you on your way…

Should You Elope?