Getting Married in 2021

As we head into the summer of 2021, it is a good time to reflect on wedding ring trends for 2021 in Ireland. As the country struggles with reopening retail and hospitality, there has been a constant activity continuing apace in the background; weddings, weddings and more weddings!

Covid Era Weddings

It is hard to imagine a wedding with just six guests, including the bride and groom. Believe it or not, this was the maximum number of participants at an Irish wedding in the early months of 2021. Many couples chose to just elope, rather than be forced to make a Hopson’s choice between parents and best man or bridesmaid. This number was increased to twenty five on the 7th of June and expected to rise to fifty guests in July. With talk of 100 guests at a wedding reception this Autumn, there is hope that things are returning to normal. And not before time.

Covid Era Wedding
Covid Era Wedding

These Covid-era restrictions have not dampened the enthusiasm for Irish couples to tie the knot in 2021. If you wish to book a civil ceremony at the Dublin Marriage Registry Office, you would be lucky to get a slot this side of Christmas, such is the demand. The increasing wedding activity is not surprising when we consider that the number of marriages registered last year dropped to 8,499, down from an average of about 20,000. So, there is clearly a lot of pent-up demand. 

Who is Getting Married

With all the uncertainty, planning a wedding in 2021 is not for the fainthearted. Just about the only thing a bride is in control of is who she is marrying. Whatever the motivation, couples’ decision to plough ahead regardless, requires a practical acceptance of the situation. Many couples are just fed up postponing the big day. Others are driven by legal considerations, while many are secretly delighted with the opportunity to get married without the stress and expense of an elaborate huge Irish wedding.

Choice of Wedding Ring – Classic Plain Wedding Rings Are Back

Practical, functional and no fuss. These are the attributes couples need to embrace a Covid-era wedding. These traits are reflected in their choice of wedding ring. Classic court bands are back in vogue. 2mm wide for her and 5mm wide for him, is a  classic combination. They will look great as a pair on the day and ensure practical wearabillity for the future. Of course, in general a bride is trying to match the metal of her engagement ring, which is usually 18k gold or platinum. For the guys, 9k rules, as it looks the same and performs the same as 18k gold at half the price.

Traditional Wedding Ring Set
Traditional Wedding Ring Set

Back To Tradition With Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

At The Wedding Band Shop, we have noticed a growing popularity of yellow gold as a choice of metal. In our opinion a man’s wedding ring should be yellow gold. The movement, over the past 20 years, towards the white precious metals of white gold, platinum and even palladium thankfully has begun to wane.  Gold as a precious metal is malleable, so scratches and slight dings on the surface can be polished out. Of course, gold in its natural state is yellow, so there is no need for rhodium plating or any other treatment to keep the ring in a natural polished state. Over time, a classic yellow gold wedding ring will develop its own patina and polish. Low maintenance guaranteed! Yellow gold is also more affordable than both platinum and palladium, both of which have become almost prohibitively expensive. Practical solutions are required for complicated times.

Rules Are There To Be Broken

It seems that there are rules for everything these days. Especially when it comes to weddings in Ireland. Restricted numbers at the reception, no dance floor, the list or rules and regulations is onerous and ever changing. So, it is no surprise to see a rebellious streak coming out in some couples when it comes to choosing their wedding rings.

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring with White Gold Rail
Break the mould with this gorgeous contemporary wedding ring set.

If you think a yellow gold wedding ring goes well with your platinum engagement ring, go for it. When there are no rules, you can mix metals any way you want. The freedom to choose whatever you want can be liberating. A consequence of this liberated attitude is a confidence to choose more contemporary wedding ring designs, featuring a limitless variety of options. You can mix metals, change widths or add diamonds and coloured gemstones, to create something unique to you. We have welcomed many soon-to-be-married couples to our shop this year who are keen to express their personality in the one part of their marriage that they are truly in control of.